The following model/engine application chart identifies the PEP-PRO valve types available.

When you locate your engine type, 'SELECT - VALVE TYPE' Classic, Elite, Super Sport or Custom/Blank, for all details on valve sizing and reference number.

Then, simply 'SCROLL' through mark/model and engine type to find your available engine valve. We know you will enjoy the search as the final result will be a positive outcome for your engine improvement.

Model Engine Valve Type


Small Block 283-400 cid Classic & Elite
  Big Block 396-454 cid Classic & Elite


OHC 2.0L Classic
  BPDT 1.8 L Elite
  Falcon EA-EL Classic
  Falcon AU Classic
  Windsor 289w, 302w, 351w Elite


Cleveland 302c, 351c Classic & Elite
  Boss 260 BA, BF Classic


Gemini G160Z, G180Z, G200Z Classic
  Holden 6 (red) 186, 202 Classic
  HQ Race Spec. Classic
  Commodore VL RB30ET Classic
  Holden 253, 304, 308, 5.0 L Classic & Elite


BPDT 1.8 L Super Sport


1275cc Race Classic
  1600cc (DOHC) Super Sport


L16, L18, L20B Classic
  SR20DE Super Sport
  SR20DET Super Sport
  RB20DET Super Sport
  RB25DET Super Sport
  RB26DETT Super Sport
  RB30ET Super Sport


WRX EJ2ODET Super Sport


GTi, G13B Super Sport


4AGE-16 Valve Super Sport
  4AGE-20 Valve Super Sport
  1JZ-GTE Super Sport
  2JZ-GTE Super Sport
  3S-GTE Super Sport
  7MG-TE Super Sport