custom / blanks


Pep-Pro have been involved in the manufacture of custom valves for several major engine builders. We have worked with them to create specify valve sizing and finishing to their specifications, with great success.

Special Projects like these, require minimum production quantities and for the “Classic” and/or “Super Sport” ranges, a typical production is between 150 and 200 pieces, per valve.

All valves require the manufacture of a new forging to set up the machine.

The Elite custom valve is very different as it requires a minimum production run of 1,000 pieces.

Many Custom valves have been produced for a range of engines, covering automotive, motor cycle and marine. Enquiries are also received from the vintage car and cycle industry. All enquiries for custom valves can be placed through your nearest Pep-Pro agent.

To order custom valves, we require a “new” sample valve or a specific drawing of the valve. All enquiries to be placed through Pep-Pro agents and a deposit is required for custom valve orders.


For the small volume or one-off valve requirement, Pep- Pro have a range of blank (semi-finished) valves which can be machined to fit this need. Again, the material is 21-4N, all are swirl polished, have a hard chrome stem, but are not stellite tipped. The valve stem needs to be reduced to suit the required length and a collet groove machined to suit. There is a little trick called a valve stem lash cap which can be used in place of the stellite tip process. Refer to size listing below:

Stem Size Head Size Overall Length Valve No. Reference
7.0mm 30.5mm 130.0mm AK6112
7.0mm 35.5mm 130.0mm AK6113
7.0mm 40.0mm 127.0mm AK6110
8.0mm 38.0mm 125.00mm AK6106
8.0mm 40.0mm 125.00mm AK6104
8.0mm 48.0mm 125.00mm AK6105
9.0mm 51.0mm 145.00mm AK6117


Valve Stem Size Lash Cap Thickness Valve No. Reference
5/16 inch 0.080" 31201
11/32 inch 0.080" 34301
3/8 inch 0.080" 37501