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Pep-Pro Engine Valves were introduced to the Australian market in 1985, in response to a growing demand from the performance aftermarket industry. The initial launch with Chevrolet, Datsun, Ford and Holden valves has seen the Pep-Pro brand become the choice of many engine builders across Australia.

Engine development, in particular cylinder head modification, is recognised as the first step to improving engine output. The fitment of Pep-Pro performance valves will immediately increase intake and exhaust flow, which will give immediate horsepower gains.

The development of Pep-Pro Performance Valves has been an ongoing process as  market changes have seen a major turn away from the thundering V8 market to turbo-driven  four and six cylinder, multi-valve engines. We are at the sharp end of this development with valves for most import engines in stock.

If your engine type is not listed, contact Pep-Pro through your agent and we will investigate the market to identify future potential.

All Pep-Pro valves have oversize heads and some machining is required to relieve valve openings in the cylinder head. This is done to achieve correct valve seating and seat angles. This process is critical to the operation of the engine. Further improvements can also be achieved by porting and polishing of the chambers.

Pep-Pro have appointed agents across Australia. They have been selected because they have engine reconditioning facilities and are well established professional operators. Select “AGENTS” for the agents in your area, who are well equipped to handle your enquiry.

A complete range of related components, such as valve springs, retainers, locks etc., are also available if required. And remember – Do Not Accept Substitute Brands.


Pep-Pro valves have been fitted to many winning engines used for street performance, drag racing,  speedway, sports sedan and marine race applications. Select “Gallery” for a visual of some Pep-Pro winners. If you have a winning car or  engine with Pep-Pro valves fitted, you are invited to submit a photo for inclusion in the Pep-Pro gallery. Conditions apply.

Product Range

There are a wide range of engines in the Australian market and Pep-Pro valves for these engines have been classified into four groups, which are as follows:

valves are for early and late model six and eight cylinder engines, Mini 1275, Datsun L Series and Ford 2.0 L.

The   valves series are race specific and cover V8 engines only.

valves are for late Japanese and import turbo engines.

valves are made to customer specifications or sample and a range of BLANK or semi-finished valves are also available.